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2013 - 12 - 11
The printing processPre-printing refers to the pre-print work, generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, and so on;The process of printing a finished product through a printing press.Post-printing refers to post-printing work, generally refers to the post-processing of printed matter including cutting, laminating, die-cutting, paste bag, mounting, etc., used for propaganda and packaging.Printing elementPaper: there are many types of paper, generally divided into coated paper, non-coated paper. Coated paper generally refers to coated paper (copper) and matte paper (matt ...
2018 - 01 - 19
You likely use a point-of-sale system at your restaurant to process payments. While many POS systems also include the ability to input orders and create guest checks, you may actually be better off with a simple solution: Guest checks.  Guest checks are old-fashioned paper order forms on which you write down the order information and pricing. Here are just a few reasons why your restaurant should be using guest checks:  They are Easier to Use  Not everyone is comfortable using technology, and training some employees on a complicated POS system can take a long time (and use up...
2018 - 03 - 07
So how does Australia stack up?There are continual debates about how sustainable managed natural forestry systems are in Australia. These have particularly been raised by some groups in recent times in Victoria.Managed forestry, completely different to plantations, has been the staple method of forest systems operating in regions such as Scandinavia for the past 100 years at least. Not only has the forest industry in Scandinavia grown to become the region's dominant industry sector but forest cover has increased year on year.For example, Sweden has a land mass of 44 million hectares, and i...
2018 - 01 - 19
A simple food rotation label system can help save time, money and significantly reduce the amount of food waste from spoilage for any restaurant.Ensuring food freshness is an integral part to any food safety plan, and the most inexpensive and efficient way to ensure the freshness and safety of food is a simple food safety labeling system. Here are NCCO’s top four reasons to start using food rotation labels.1. Save time, save moneyOne of the greatest features of food rotation labels are the ease of use that saves the restaurant operator time. Instead of having a food rotation system centralized...
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Shanghai Timi Paper Produts and Pringint Affair Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003,provides one stop printing service and ECO-friendly printed paper products for global customers.with ISO certificate 20000M² factory,output is 20containers per month ,our satisfied and long term business partners are from USA,France ,Spain ,Australia,UK,Japan etc.Our products line include Carbonless Business Record Books e.g.Receipt Book,Sales Order Book,Phone Message Book and Invoice Book etc,and as well as Restaurant Books such as Restaurant Guest Check, Restaurant Docket Books,Restaurant Order Pads etc, we yet do special order book or bill book for clients .Timi welcome friends all over the world come to visit our factory ,Located in Fengxian Shanghai 45 minutes from Pudong airport which is very convenient.Our objective is tried to simplify your purchasing process,save your purchasing cost, enhance your purchasing efficiency and reduce times cost,as well  as avoid your purchasing risk ,quality and ...
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