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Does your website meet the needs of your potential buyers so you can get new business?

日期: 2018-03-08
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Nearly half of industrial buyers visit 2 or 3 websites before selecting a supplier.

What does this mean to you?

Your website is a critical component to your online marketing strategy to get new business. And, if yours doesn't offer what your buyers need, you risk losing business to your competitors.

In fact, the top three reasons why an industrial buyer will leave a supplier's website are: 

  difficult site navigation 

  difficulty finding a specific product or service 

  limited product detail, such as no specifications or dimensions 

How can you ensure that your company's website offers the functionality and detailed product and service information that potential buyers need, so that they can make a decision to contact you and buy from you?

Timi understands the unique needs of professional buyers. And we can help you too.

Since our goal is to be your most valuable partner, we certainly appreciate your feedback on Timi business paper forms/bills. E-mail your questions or comments to

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